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June 16, 2017

Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church

Mt. Zion was founded as a Presbyterian Church in 1813.  It was sold to the Methodist Church in in 1903 and was active until 1958.  The church is visible from the highway and is sited on a high piece of ground with a commanding view of the countryside.  It is a proper location for a church designed in the Greek Revival style. 

Powelton Methodist Church

If you are looking for the opportunity to enter the front doors of an early-19th century church and enjoy the visual experience of exactly how things really were in that time period, this is your destination. It is simply a marvel of early 19th century rural craftsmanship. 

Antioch Baptist Church

The sons and daughters of ex-slaves in south Taliaferro County and North Hancock County had a vision of expanding their freedom and to shape their own lives as they saw fit. So a group of courageous pioneers from the Powelton New Hope Baptist Church, led by Deacon Willie Peak, Deacon Abe Frazier and Deacon Philic Jones came together and founded the Antioch Baptist Church in Taliaferro County, outside of Crawfordville, on November of 1886.

Wrightsboro Methodist

The current structure was built between 1810 and 1812 by the selling of public subscriptions and land.  The Georgia General Assembly granted the commissioners of the town of Wrightsboro permission to sell three 50 acre lots and use proceeds of up to $500 to build a house of worship for all Christian Denominations to hold services.

Barnett Methodist

 The church was on the verge of some serious deterioration due to a failure with the roofing system.  Once the roof goes, the end is not far behind.  Fortunately, the new owners have done a first rate job with the church restoration.  A new tin roof, some carpentry repair and a good coat of paint produces the wonderful image before you. 

Locust Grove Catholic

What's this item abMost people are surprised that the oldest Catholic church in Georgia was not organized in Savannah, but here in the little farm town of Sharon.  We have to remember that until well after the Revolutionary War, Catholics were not welcome in British circles. out? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Penfield Baptist

The original congregation of Penfield Baptist was organized in 1839 after the destruction of Shiloh Baptist by a tornado.  The original church was a wooden building and stood to the right of what would be constructed as Mercer Chapel about six years later. 

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