October 6, 2017

Bethesda Baptist

Bethesda Baptist is one of the oldest brick churches in Georgia, and gives an indication of the early wealth of the settlers that settled in this area of eastern Greene County.

Crawfordville Presbyterian

Crawfordville Presbyterian, located off of Commerce Street in downtown Crawfordville, was established in 1879. The current brick structure was built in 1896.

Fountain Campground

People are said to have been coming to Fountain Campground as early as the late 1700s – even though history has the founding of the camp meetings being established in 1822. In the early days, people traveled for many miles by horse-drawn wagons to Fountain Campground.

Wrightsboro Methodist

The current structure was built between 1810 and 1812 by the selling of public subscriptions and land.  The Georgia General Assembly granted the commissioners of the town of Wrightsboro permission to sell three 50 acre lots and use proceeds of up to $500 to build a house of worship for all Christian Denominations to hold services.

St. Paul CME

The St. Paul CME church was organized in 1857 by slaves on the Dickson Plantation. In 1870, property near the brush arbor where services were conducted was deeded over to the church.

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